DELTATRAVELER - v2.09a Android Hotfix

Heya! It just came to my attention that controllers weren't being registered at all on Android, even though they should be. So I went ahead and released a quick fix that fixes that. This is an exclusive Android release, and it's literally the only change compared to standalone v2.09.

Regarding what controllers work, it does differ a bit from Windows. Xbox controllers work perfectly fine, as do Switch Pro Controllers, although the latter isn't recognized by Automatic Button Style, so you have to set the style manually. Dualshock 4 kind of works, and is recognized by the Automatic Button Style, but the face button configuration is messed up. Joycon do not work, and I'm unsure if I'd be able to get them working with the current Unity version we have.

As usual, let us know of any other issues that arise. Enjoy!

- Sarah


DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Android v2.09a) 111 MB
May 25, 2023


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