A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Kris and Susie (DELTARUNE) suddenly wake up on a flower bed in the world of UNDERTALE.  They, along with Noelle, must travel between different worlds to make their way back home.

This is an UNDERTALE fangame that combines elements of DELTARUNE to create an interesting experience, both in gameplay and in story.

Feel free to send any bug reports to deltatraveler@rynogg.com

Or you can join the DELTATRAVELER Discord Server, too - https://discord.gg/deltatraveler

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(52 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withPaint.net, Unity
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, deltarune, Fangame, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Undertale, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Windows v2.06) 75 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Windows x64 v2.06) 78 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Linux v2.06) 90 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Android v2.06) 99 MB

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im gonna genocide route this game =)

add mac version pls

Yes add a Mac version so we can murder Ness and Paula


help i can't get past flowey

go buy spider donuts it will be easier


Oh my goodness this was amazing so far. The Genocide route was absolutely horrifying and the final boss made my jaw drop. Excellent work, the whole experience is very polished, it almost feels like it was made by Toby Fox himself

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what am i supposed to do in gasters lab when he suddenly decides to kill you out of the blue with gaster blasters? death seems unavoidable.

note: i am on hardmode. i named myself frisk

you are not supposed to avoid it, you finished hard mode

Regarding your need for sprite rippers, perhaps someone from the Spriter's Resource could help you? There are also likely aprites there already.

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fantastic fangame. One little gripe. the linux version seems to not work on deck in gamemode, and on desktop requires an external keyboard to fullscreen :c
EDIT: This my fault as I didn't add the game to steam right. you must add the game to a directory with no spaces in any of the names if your using the "Add to steam button" Or use a known itch.io game importer. After doing it correctly the game now works perfectly on deck 


Waits section underfell


and also this litteraly will have a virus on my pc when i download i litteraly know

its safe, bro


Umm isint this ilegal by undertale owner



First off, THANK YOU FOR THE MOBILE VERSION, most people wouldn't even bother considering that but it allows people with busier schedules to play these games. I also love the attention to detail, and the combination of Undertale and Deltarune playstyles is seamless and very fun.

I had such a fun time playing this. All the memes,the jokes,even the new parry mechanic is fantastic.
Definitely one of the best Undertale/Deltarune fan games out there. Totally recommended!!

This is so hard on mobile it's insanity!



Please add  controller mode

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Good game!

Very, Very fun, Can't wait for section 3!

This is so great. Especially, the Parry mode!

Nice fangame and also nice update for android controls because its very hard playing it in touch screen.

And also can you add run in battle

It's still hard even with that because it's so small and the fact of I usually play Undertale stuff on computer so it still hard even with the update

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My keyboard just does not work in this game. The escape and enter keys do what they're supposed to, but the game doesn't respond to the rest of my keyboard. The 1.0 version is fine and does not have this problem. I tried both windows downloads, and they both have this problem.


Definitely playing this fangame. I never really liked deltarune or undertale before but I decided to play both of them when I was bored, and man it's cool.

Is it possible to kill mule guardian?


Yes, you just have to deal a lot of damage very quickly. (I would recommend using rude buster and ice shock in the same turn.

Deleted 113 days ago

Why didn't I think of using rude buster on Flowey!


i cant use my keyboard to move, and i cant reassign keys bcz i cant move event to the settings :(


me as well.

this is pretty damn good little fangame you got going, keep it up

Cool fangame based of a cool games

like me


what if you have a laptop that cant handle it


bruh make it online

Ehh its hard for the devs to make it online.

It would be better offline

hey I cant figure out how to play the game. can someone please help me? (I'm on Windows btw) 

Extract The "zip" File And you can see "DELTATRAVELER.exe" And Just Click It.

(Sorry for my bad english)

It's fine,  we're all bad,  no matter how bad you are.

One of the most I played this is on my mobile. 

And looks smooth https://media.tenor.com/wjmP0L-cWQ8AAAAM/sus.gif 

For some reason all buttons (movement and actions) are unbound. Cant even go into options to bind them as I cant navigate the menu. 

Found a fix. Probably save/config data from when i played the game a long time ago.
Win + R, type %appdata% and go to LocalLow. Then go to "RynoGG" and delete the folder "DELTATRAVELLER"

Thanks!! I also found that you don't have to delete the whole folder, just the file "config.ini", so all of your save files stay the same and you don't loose them uwu

I can't find LocalLow or any of those.


Good game 



i hate the kids most of my playtime (155:41) was thanks to the funlcking kids


I havent finished pacifist route for chapter 2, so forgive me if I say something stupid, but considering the fact that we are travelling across games with connections or inspirations to undertale, is it possible there will be a chapter themed around OFF by Mortis Ghost in the future?

No, it will not.

Sarah already confirmed all the future sections on what games they will be based on (list below in case you don't want to get spoiled):

  • Section 3: Hell's Forest (GG!Underfell)
  • Section 4: Shining Savior (Legends of Zelda: A Link to the Past)
  • Section 5: Mirror, Mirror? (TS!Underswap)
  • Section 6: Inside Job (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)
  • Section 7: Gears & Gaffes (Toontown)
  • Section 8: The Dark (An original Dark World + LOSTCORE)

thanks, got scared for a second that the next section was gonna be homestuck

as a fan of the Mario series, I'm really hyped for section 6!

Why is Susie shaking like that when following me?

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what the fuck happened???, everytime I open the game, a screen pops up calling me cheater despite the fact that I've literally never hacked the game

This is rapidly shaping up to be one of the best Undertale/Deltarune fangames yet. Many hours of fun now, across (at least) three distinct routes.

I really love it, but I wish I could move the movement joystick. It being exactly on the bottom left of the screen is a little uncomfortable on the hands. Still good game tho. :D

Fun fact, if you try to name yourself Gaster, the game resets, like in Deltarune. Sadly, nothing happens if you name yourself Spamton.

Undertale also resets if you name yourself gaster (for PlayStation the game just crashes). but does anything happen if you name yourself jevil? 

thats really cool 

It keeps crashing for me whenever I beat the training dummy

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