A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Kris and Susie (DELTARUNE) suddenly wake up on a flower bed in the world of UNDERTALE.  They, along with Noelle, must travel between different worlds to make their way back home.

This is an UNDERTALE fangame that combines elements of DELTARUNE to create an interesting experience, both in gameplay and in story.

Feel free to send any bug reports to deltatraveler@rynogg.com

Or you can join the DELTATRAVELER Discord Server, too - https://discord.gg/jhS27nFbjB


DELTATRAVELER Sec. 1-3 (Windows v3.0.5) 155 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sec. 1-3 (Windows x64 v3.0.5) 157 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sec. 1-3 (Linux v3.0.5) 175 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sec. 1-3 (Android v3.0.5) 189 MB

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the flowey bite attack is not okay


Why is flowey so hard 


When I saw this I was so surprised and it's just like deltarune! Not different.

how go full screen 



cool game.only problem is can't change the controls button position in mobile and the normal configuration is not my comfy one and i really want a option to make the controls button bigger.Anyways great game tho

I need a section 4

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*saddest story ever:(*

i am on a wall
very tall
on the side of someones room i am hanging high
i might die
wait im already dead
im next to dis plush
bootleg stuff
we are enemies
and i am simply bones
all alone...

Can you make section 2 and 3 of hard mode


Fr Fr

Lol the end of  v3.0.5 was hilarious

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the sans fight is not hard at all, heal more as its crazy good. section 2 oblit finale boss was harder.

Just because you find something difficult doesn't mean its bad! you can admit that. there was no problem with ANY of the mechanics or anything! this was a blast through and through.


I have to express this was an enjoyable experience up onto the point where the team has to fight underfell/evil Sans. It absolutely sucks you out of the experience by presenting you with an incredibly unfair fight that outright doesn't feel fun, no matter how many interesting mechanics are being introduced for the sake of a difficult fight, and it oft feels like it misses the point as to why the original Sans fight was difficult in the first place, only being put in here for the sake of doing a callback to a brutal fight that was meant to punish you for your own cruelty.

I love all the attention to detail, the way characters are written and crossovers are folded into the story, but evil Sans is the one large, ugly zit no one enjoys having to go through.

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I don't know man I beat him like 3 times in pacifist, genocide and neutral. it took me a few tries but it was totally worth it

(all on mobile btw)


please make it a way to skip the bad sans boss fight that  last combo  atk of his iss waaaay to dificult is not even a git gud situation i was full life and he just DELETED ME


git good. took me approximately 2 and an half hours to beat him first time and around 45 minutes the second time

Heello! Amazing game, love it! But I will never forgive you for what you did to Frisk, may you write the perfect code only to forget to update a variable and mess everything up <3

Also, played on mobile and movement is kinda bad. Can't you make the joystick follow the movement of your fingers even after they left the original joystick location? Some games do this and it would make the game perfect(that and the full hard mode ; ) ).


i’m pretty sure irreversibly messing up a game is not possible.. Should’ve wished for both sides of their pillows to be too hot. 😈


O jogo é muito bom! Fico muito feliz que os desenvolvedores fizeram uma versão mobile, porque normalmente o povo que faz essas fangames faz só para Pc e etc. Recomendo muito que baixem ♥️



This game is great however I find moving around on the Android version kind of annoying

Me too.

deceitfull....I'm curious if I should aim for everone to get the status or not.

I hope I don't have to replay the whole thing, but I got curious if there is a benefit to suddenly listen to Susie and Noelle when  they try to help you


✋︎❄︎💧︎  ✌︎  ✞︎☜︎☼︎✡︎  ☝︎⚐︎⚐︎👎︎  ☝︎✌︎💣︎☜︎

✋ ❄☟✋☠😐 ❄☟☜ 💧✌💣☜


Can you somehow win that ....sudden death scene? I feel like I can't say more without a spoiler here.

Say it

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I think the one that is supposed to be Ghaster, it felt like you could do something but I left it at three tried because of the dialogue


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Ok...it woud be nice if we coud run to gaster and hit him with his own gaster blater >=)


I'm pretty sure you're supposed to die there, since hardmode doesn't progress any further than that (yet?????). Although, if you run to the left and go up and interact with the sink, you can wash your hands before you die.

is there an iOS port?



is it free?


This wonderfull game is free and good.

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I like the game but the fell sans boss was suck a brick wall, i did manage to beat it but with only 2 hp on susie, it was such a learning curve compared to the rest of the snowdin bosses

if it helps anyone, my strategy was to attack with kris and susie and distract with noelle, save the tp for dual heal instead of red buster incase you get damaged badly, it's slow but worked for me. also give everyone hard hats and permacicles

Had a worse time with Jerry.


why the fuck do i have do fight sans at level 1 with 20 FUCKING HP

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I have an strategy


Could you tell us?

ok,my strategy is that:kris and susie  attack and noele distract,why?becouse the atack is the last thing on the turn so,kris and susie can aways hit him."but what with we need dual heal?"then you make susie distract him,aaand he will stay distracted for 2 turns if you keep noele distracting him.(bug report?)

That's a great strategy.

T☟✌☠😐 ✡⚐🕆

My strategy is: we ball

source: my mobile gameplay


Very well made, I'm impressed! Love all the little details you put in (like mini games). Now you got me wondering if there's a secret if I collect all the Ralseis...



Have you never played Undertale or Deltarune? They both use the arrow keys for movement. Also, Nintendo controllers might require some additional setup for them to work on PC.

i only played undertale and deltarune on nintendo so i never knew abt the arrow keys thing 



shift on pc, idk on mobile

On mobile you have to hold x

Deleted 52 days ago

if it's not too difficult can you please give the game support for mac? windows files dont work so if it is too difficult can you please give a work around at least?


Is the android download file safe? Like how can I be sure to download it? ;-;

It's safe... It will take a while.

this might be a hard ask but could you add suport for chrombooks that type of stuff if thats too hard i get it but if it dosent take too much of your time please add the game is really good though

cromebooks can run linux files. You just have to turn it on it settings. You can look up a tutorial on YouTube or something.


really good, but PLEASE debuff the fell sans fight. i never did the ut genocide route so this is the first time im doing some deranged shit like this.  i just


please do SOMETHING to make the sans fight easier so my adhd ass can actually do it. or just remove it entirely from the pacifist route. something. please


fell sans fight isnt that hard, yes you will die 20 - 40 times or more, but once you know what to do, you only need to be consistent




I suppose they could add an idiot baby mode that makes all the fights too easy. Would that make you feel better?


praying for the stupid idiot crying baby mode so you can finally get past froggit 🙏


I agree with you, I beat this shit on my broken phone while walking on the way to my school this morning.


Doesnt have controller support

This is just... Objective misinformation?? Yes there is. I use it? 💀

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xbox controller works, maybe try using something else?


i am currently incapable of defeating the first flowey fight and there's no way to save edit so I guess I just can't play the game


skill issue

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It’s a great game BUT HOLY HELL beating flowey in mobile is incredibly difficult because of the fixed joystick position If flowey fight is difficult because of the control… Imagine sans fight…

My suggestion is that just make it so that you can use ur joystick if you swipe anywhere on the left side of the screen


bro its hard on moblie to beat sans

It crashes when i die


Hit do you beat the first flowy fight on mobile??


git gud


The game is good, but... I think the game it's though more for people who played the Genocide route of Undertale. Fell Sans it's really hard, specially when you're playing on mobile  AND doing the pacifist route, and, it's hard to fight Paula when you're on mobile. I would recommend to give less HP to both... Like... Let Sans' HP a little lower, and attacks that are easier to dodge, and the same goes to Paula... And, have one of her attacks give less damage, I always lose when she does that... "Undertale" like attack (I don't know the name).


Hint: The Lighting, the Fire and the Ice come from Earth Bound PSI attacks.

Now i cant beat sans bc im in mobile

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