A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Kris and Susie (DELTARUNE) suddenly wake up on a flower bed in the world of UNDERTALE.  They, along with Noelle, must travel between different worlds to make their way back home.

This is an UNDERTALE fangame that combines elements of DELTARUNE to create an interesting experience, both in gameplay and in story.

Feel free to send any bug reports to deltatraveler@rynogg.com

Or you can join the DELTATRAVELER Discord Server, too - https://discord.gg/jhS27nFbjB

Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(82 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withPaint.net, Unity
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, deltarune, Fangame, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Undertale, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Touchscreen, Playstation controller, Joy-Con


DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Windows v2.09) 84 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Windows x64 v2.09) 87 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Linux v2.09) 99 MB
DELTATRAVELER Sections 1-2 (Android v2.09a) 111 MB

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Don't spoil >:(((((

How or where I could find the bomb on the central village???

I've been looking everywhere and if it's from the blue painter then idl how

save paula and defeat the carpinter, then you gonna get the bomb

Where do i find the carpinter to defeat him???

in the city center in the side of the save

(2 edits) (+1)

started with a meme, with reference of the inspiration and ended with an AU i don't remember, i hope this get more updates

EDIT: the game don't open more

RE-EDIT:uptade time

i thought ryno was a guy turned out to be a girl and sarah



I'm excited to play it in full release! I think this game has a lot of potential since it gathers the plot and lore of Deltarune with Undertale. Isn't just amazing how such a fan-made game makes a beautiful work piece? I'm putting this into my to play list!

ESTE JUEGO ESTÁ INCREÍBLE Y DIFÍCIL, LO AMO!!! No se si fue mi celular que apenas corre el Candy Crush o el juego, pero a pesar de eso y que está en inglés lo pude pasar!! Tengo la intriga hasta por los codos! Hicieron un maravilloso trabajo! Muero por la continuación!!!! 🐢💕💫

Que gusto que haya comentarios en español gracias por la informacion 

The only windows PC i have is a garbage laptop that crashed before the introduction


sure it happens with me alot


Guys you do realize that the last update was September 2022? I believe the development was simply abandoned. 😭😭😭😭😭😭


Have you the slightest idea how long development takes? Hint: sometimes more than a year. There will likely be a bunch of easter eggs and references, not the mention the fact that there has to be unique content for TWO PATHS. Have some patience!


if you've even kept up with the dtraveler yt/discord community you would see that progress is going fine

Does the android port have controller support?

Bug report: When fighting the final froggit in hard mode (Version 2.06):

During an attack where the frog is chasing you, if you stick to the wall on the same side of a "battle box", where the frog is, then it will stop chasing you. Occured when playing the android version of the game.

(P. S. Please add the chara dance if possible to the android version!)


bro that "PAULA" thing was so cringe why'd you let kris pick her up and a human soul for HER? and so hard bosses and you unfortunatley pop up in underfell??? underfell papyrus is not that kind and silly he is the "EDGY TRASHBAG" that flowey said literally i downloaded this game to play like its UNDERTALE but its actually UNITALE bro that "HAPPY HAPPY VILLAGE" reminded me of peter griffin's meme song "happy happy happy" its so cringe that it took me 4-5 days to pass that happy happy village thingy its just boring and it is not even very related to any undertale AU's and surley its kind of cring and so many enemies with a long way AND there are no SAVE FILE's nearby its so annoying i even decided to give up but just for getting the fun of playing UNDERTALE i continued but i see its kind of boring 




sure bud


also why does susie look so bad when we met flowey at the starting THE BENT DOWN LOOK she looked cringe ngl


Oh no its a Karen that  never played earthbound

(1 edit) (-1)

well, you cannot call me karen INSTEAD you're just a lover of cringness and scratch beginner games


I am not a lover of cringeness and especially never scratch beginner games you dumb 10 year old that can't tell the difference between "your" and "you're" and if you hated the game sooooooo much why the hell did you even beat the game


well you just exposed your real age plus I am 16 you cannot call and criticize me as if I am telling you all of the words instead your fighting for no reason , and you know that I understood your even younger than 10 , your not 10 but your 7 , don't lie because my little sis does that, anybody cussing on her or fighting with my sis, she does is calls them "dumb" so I understand with your grammar that your nor 10 or older than 10 your actually 7 I know because they call everyone "dumb", please respect your elders kid, also "your" and "you're" I never used "you're" incorrect way I think you need glasses , surely your watching too much mobile plus you mom's gonna say "touch grass" to you, instead of watching mobile or some device you're using, just go and open your book start doing your homework that your teacher gave you to do kid, and remember.. never disrespect your elders


I have a little sister that's 7, and she cant even read, and if you're 16 then fix your grammar and be actually mature for your age, and deltatraveler is going to be related to other undertale AUs like underswap and underfell, it has already been planned out


bro you just edited it to "you're" lmao what a baby


that *you're

*You're 7

*you're not


now you're gonna edit it again and gonna say that I need glasses again and don't complain about mental problems you have go seek therapy I can't believe you're complaining that happy happy village reminded you of cringe (I know its cringe, but if I were you I won't complain)

If you're going to criticize something, don't just point out the issues. These "issues" are either entirely coincidental or there's a reason for them. For example, because of how SAVE mechanics work, you can only have one area SAVE points go to, and the caves generally do not work for SAVE point locations.

don't jump in a middle of some other people's fight , im not criticizing the game but i am just telling a comment how that game was, it is a nice game but some things made me like "bro wtf" in that game, also i was doing a geno route but then paula got on my back and created a mess , after that i just couldn't win any fight with hat paula , i had to spare all the enemies , if they wouldn't have been so hard. i guess that i would have completed my route , so i was just considering that the enemies should be easy than being super-hard but that @VaRcherry just wanna fight. as having a 7 year old sister, i can say @VaRcherry is 7 years old, @VaRcherry is too young to play that game , so you better be quite instead of joining a fight like a narcissist. i hope you're not a narcissist.

Excuse me? my 7 year old sister can't even read (well she can a little bit but not much) and I am 14

are you sure your sis goes to school? and my about my Grammer, it is easy to use "your" instead of "you're" , your not a english teacher ,if my comment is bothering you, stop reading it and go to hell and burn with cringe if you really wanna fight so much go fight with your mom because I know your mom will hate you if she sees these comments your just being paranoid for a game, I wrote a review for that game but you had to fight, I think you desrespect your teachers that's why they slap you and that's the reason why you fight with people in comments

and you don't have a 7 year old sis your a little 7 year old boy who has a 2 year old sister that's why your telling "excuse me, my 7 year old sis can't read" that is the truth you've been lying for , may god guide you , you are so spoiled brat Dios mio

Awww dummy gone? narcissists dosent wanna fight? how did you spare me? 7 year old boy

(2 edits)

Paula joining you means you failed the genocide run at some point and are back on neutral. If you heard a happy-sounding jingle, it marks the point where it failed.
You may kill like in UT, but you need to hunt down every overworld enemy available like in DR. There's 3 times you need to kill each enemy, and they respawn when you exit and re-enter the room. This applies to both Section 1 and Section 2.
I feel like you may have failed on S2's Valley area, but it's just a guess.

can I know more how can I just do a geno route

For Section 1 you need to empty all encounters in the areas before you encounter Napstablook. For Blooky you need to do a certain ACT with Susie to continue, and once done you empty the rest of the encounters before entering Toriel’s guest bedroom. You know you’re done with Section 1 when an ominous message pops up and the music becomes gloomy. Kill Flowey and that’s it for S1.

For Section 2 the place you start off can be a long tolling one. You need to backtrack to hunt every enemy in the Valleys before you encounter the snake. This is an attempt to discourage your murders but if you succeed, you’ll get an ominous message and music change.

The Snake is free to kill now. Thankfully you only need to kill each enemy once by this point. Once you’re at the village you should still go to Paula. She won’t join you, but you’ll get the Franklin Badge so you can fight the cult leader yourself. When done with the leader, you now need to hunt every enemy in the cave before fighting Mondo Mole. Once past Mondo Mole, the genocide for S2 is fully locked in.


chapter 3 when


(joking) when deltarune chapter 3 come ou

this game is REALLY fun. When i started to play I couldn't stop laughing. Also I found in setting menu button "Languages Packs" so are you interested in localization your game for other languages?


Guys! Do not worry! section 3 is actually on work in progress! its 50% done trust me guys if u dont believe me check this game on gamejolt and Sarah puts deltatraveler news stuff there.

Also idk why she didnt put Android on gamejolt ;-;


I'm excited!


if "u"? and someone was fighting over my Grammer,  you're so cringe


This is a really fun high quality fan game, I don't remember when last time I had this much fun with a fan game, I hope Section 3 is coming at some point.


Me too, this game is too cool to be cancelled just like that. :C


I hope this isn't cancelled.

Great cliffhanger 👍



SARAH you need to make a continued version the game was fun. worth it


Hi Im on mobile and for some reason my x box controller just refuses to work? confirm and back are on weird buttons, i am unable to move, and i can't rebind the controls (its in settings but its greyd out) if someone know what to do that would be great if no oh well I could just use touch screen


Why is it in adult games


play the genocide route, it will become apparent around chapter 2 

(1 edit) (+1)

starting with the reason I couldn't finish - I defeated mondo mole and tried to fight porky a few times without any healing items until I got frustrated and went back to buy some stuff from sans, then died to make it faster to get to the fight checkpoint. however, when I respawned I wasn't back at my last checkpoint, I was on the one I set after I got the bomb to destroy the entrance to the cave, so I lost all my progress with mondo mole and quit the game for good lol, hope that gets fixed. with that said, the game was funny and engaging, I was genuinely surprised when they fell into the earthbound section, I was only expecting to go through the entirety of undertale but with a few funny gigs here and there. overall it's an awesome fangame and I really appreciate all the effort put into it!

Try using the SAVE point after beating Mondo Mole so that leaving doesn't eradicate your progress.


I did hard mode Genocide run=)

I also played the Undertale Demo Genocide run=)

Chara: That was fun. Let's do it again=)

(1 edit) (+2)

Does anyone know how to use PS4 gamepad on android version deltatraveller? I try use Game Keyboard but Deltatraveller ignore any move keys on my gamepad.


I gotta say this game was pretty cool, *spoiler warning* i was happily surpried when i found myself in Earthbound lmaoo


Can you change the controls to W A S D pls cause my ^ and v keys are broken.


Bro I changed the controls to W A S D in settings.

It's not that hard.


also such a good game


why cant you save in section 2 after the first save point?


im gonna genocide route this game =)


add mac version pls


Yes add a Mac version so we can murder Ness and Paula


help i can't get past flowey


go buy spider donuts it will be easier


Same bro, same.




Use red buster when you can it does a lot of damage


Oh my goodness this was amazing so far. The Genocide route was absolutely horrifying and the final boss made my jaw drop. Excellent work, the whole experience is very polished, it almost feels like it was made by Toby Fox himself

(1 edit) (-2)

what am i supposed to do in gasters lab when he suddenly decides to kill you out of the blue with gaster blasters? death seems unavoidable.

note: i am on hardmode. i named myself frisk


you are not supposed to avoid it, you finished hard mode


Regarding your need for sprite rippers, perhaps someone from the Spriter's Resource could help you? There are also likely aprites there already.

(1 edit) (+1)

fantastic fangame. One little gripe. the linux version seems to not work on deck in gamemode, and on desktop requires an external keyboard to fullscreen :c
EDIT: This my fault as I didn't add the game to steam right. you must add the game to a directory with no spaces in any of the names if your using the "Add to steam button" Or use a known itch.io game importer. After doing it correctly the game now works perfectly on deck 


Waits section underfell

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