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Ngl did genocide and pacifist route and I am super excited to see how this project develops

wow... i just did all runs there were for now (i think) and its incredible hope this project continue ;)

i had alreasdy seen this game pass by my page but i didn't install it, but then i changed my mind today and checked it out, this was AWESOME   i just finished the current pacifist ending and i am looking foward for the continuation of this fan game i hope thid project will continue the game is really good as it feels like toby fox game but at the same time a shitpost its awesome i won't spoil the game but its much more than you think!

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my GOD can we get a Mac version???




This had more content than I was prepared for, and that's a good thing

very good, well balanced,  and great story and writing
however isn't a successful non magic/act hit supposed to increase your tp like it does in deltarune?

i hope it does not have bad words



Well unity has just committed suicide



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So far, this is an absolute work of art. Just to make a game on that meme and yet do it so well is delightful.


You made a game with the meme: GOD DAMN IT KRIS WHERE THE HELL ARE WE

This is a keeper

i only have the version until your at snowdin and sans catches you

I keep getting this error

-bash: ./DELTATRAVELER.x86_64: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

then u need 32 bit

probably one of my favorite deltarune fangames, its really good

there is also one on gamejol

I have an idea of a game it's going to be called tailtravell it's just like the game but the opposite insta Chris being in frisk universe it's frisk in Chris universe

this is genuinely one of my favorite games 10/10

Personally i really enjoyed it and i loved the fights it made previously boring gameplay to enjoyable, entertaining and surprisingly fun experience i also loved the new mechanics

This game was amazing im waiting for section 3

i lob it

6.73754/6.73754 stars

Woah! So I can play both Undertale AND Deltarune at the same time?? SWEET! EXCELLENT! STUPENDOUS!!!

Haven't completed it yet, but this game is already so wonderful!! The new sprites, the writing, and the references are all incredibly done!! I got emotional at some bits, with both the Undertale and Earthbound sections- I absolutely love this game! Amazing work!!

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story-wise - cool
battles - how tf do i dodge attacks?

what do you mean doge attacks? do you mean like moving out of the way in battle? if so use the arrow keys to move in battle then you can doge them kinda because you have to keep moving left right up down and diagonal to do your best to avoid them

no, when in battle there's more than 1 monster, battle becomes (personally) almost impossible

Skill issue

Just get good

Good game!

upload part two soon please!!!


is this a leak of deltarune chapter 3 or smthin

This is absloutly a masterpice

does the apk have keyboard support? (im on a chromebook)



Hi! That's a really good undertale-deltarune fangame . When do you think finish section three?


how do i make this full screen :(

press F4 for fullscreen


Amazing game, can't wait for section 3

oooo nice


Why does my windows say that running this game may put my device at risk?


If the file you try to run ends with ".exe", Windows will automatically warn you that this file may put your pc at risk regardless if it actually does or not. Exe files, short for windows executable files, are programs which have been translated to machine code. They can be and do anything. They can be used for milicious reasons hence why windows is warning you that they may harm your device. 

You should never run exe files unless you trust the source. In this case, the file is safe. But if you are ever unsure, do not install them or at the very least use virustotal to scan for malware (which you should be using anyways).


Great game! Loved Chapter 2 as much as the first and hard mode is a nice remix ^^

when i try downloading an older version and i click download it sends me to recent version.





holy shit It's so good, but I'm bad at Undertale in general, so I can't really beat it, but it's good!

I'm already satisfied before even playing the game...

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Don't spoil >:(((((

👺👺👺dont spoil

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