Hi everyone! Ever since my motivation returned to me in late July, development has been going swimmingly. If this keeps on going and college doesn't get in the way, the True Demo could possibly be able to release by the end of the year. That is... if I want to keep the music bland.

I can say without question that my abilities in programming, story telling, and graphics are all at least good enough to create a whole game with. However, I can admit that I know next to nothing about creating music. I have only made a handful of music pieces in my life, which all are pretty... uhh... bad. The only thing that I can do moderately well are Famitracker covers. I've literally been using UNDERTALE and deltarune music throughout the entire game's development, with most of them being pitch-shifted.

WHICH IS WHY I NEED ASSISTANCE. If you or someone that you know is knowledgeable on how to make music and wants to assist in making at least a handful of unique music for the game, either fill out the ATONEMENT Volunteer Form or send me a message directly.

Some of the tracks that are needed before the True Demo releases are:

  • Opus (Area 1) Theme (Currently slowed-down version of True Lab from UNDERTALE)
  • Lucifer's Theme (Currently Silence)
  • General Battle Theme (Currently slowed-down version of battle theme from deltarune)

There are probably like 7 or more tracks for the rest of the game that would need to be made before the full version gets released. The rest of the music will mostly be recycled from UNDERTALE & deltarune.

If no one wants to assist, then expect a weak soundtrack of recycled music because I don't know how to make music. ANYWAY, that's all for me today. Next time..... shouldn't be a help wanted post. See ya!

- Ryno


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