UPDATE: Do-Over Time

Hey everyone, it's Sarah. It's been like 2 years since I first unveiled this project, and I have some major news: I'm starting over and will be releasing what I have done of the old version soon.

Let me elaborate for those that care for details. So last night, me and one of my girlfriends were going through some of my old projects, and I decided to show her the most recent test build of ATONEMENT. Everything seemed all fine and dandy until... I actually started getting into the game. The dialog was cringier than stupider than I remembered, and putting all my work into context in front of me after not touching it at all was something that I really just... didn't like anymore.

But why didn't I like it? This was a project that I poured more blood, sweat, and tears into than my UNDERFELL animated series. Well, the base concept of ATONEMENT, going to hell and atoning for your sins, hides a pretty shallow game that doesn't live up to expectations. You basically fight the sinners of hell and what you do to them after the fight changes their fate. While this seems good on paper, trying to make this work with a cast of unique characters doesn't really play out well, especially when said characters (at least in the beginning of the game) are based on sinning stereotypes.

Therefore, I will be starting this game over from the ground up. Luckily, I already have a code framework to work off of, so I don't have to worry about that. However, the plot, objective, and setting will have drastic changes. I will refrain from going into detail until a substantial amount of work has gone into this new ATONEMENT, however I will say that the Frisk/Chara dynamic, HELL, and Lucifer will still be major aspects of the new ATONEMENT.

So what about the work that's already been done? What I will be doing is releasing what I've done so far as "ATONEMENT: Redacted Edition." This version will be released both on here (itch.io), Game Jolt, and possibly the Google Play Store sometime in the future. I will be preparing a trailer for this release before I do so, however. Hopefully this tides everyone over until I reveal what the new ATONEMENT will be like.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for Redacted Edition sometime in the next few weeks.

- Sarah



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Finally after years.