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How to go full screen, F4 wont work same with f11

Why I can't download it sald I need to uninstall but I already uninstall

when next update?

Hehe still no update

Absolutely  love it, aside the mobile controls being kind of bad/hard to use. Still really good :D

i really like this game so far but i really dont want to disobey satan and kill anyone fgsdgfhjdsk

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twas a pretty short and super entertaining demo, i hope that ull release full game someday


can not get it full screen


the whole take your name from your email thing is shit, just got deadnamed by an undertale fangame

Very good game. I Love the name easter eggs but dint understand alphys  and undyne easter egg 

"The both are in bed" what it means?

I think it meant they're both in bed. Cause y'know... they're both dating

Yeah thinked that but i as not sure

Can't play the game on android. When i press something on a d-pad, the button just "sticks". If I press right and leave it, the character keep walking to the right. And gamepad doesn't work.

Ayo what does that mean

Loved the mini demo, but I would love to play the whole game, so please keep it up ๐Ÿ‘

Oh and seeing as I play on android, I loved how you took the Android users into consideration, and hope you make the full game available for android too ๐Ÿ˜

Don't mean to sound too demanding

Is the game still being worked on this seems great based on just the mini demo

That was a good start it for a demo I'm hyped

hey are you still working on the game

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super glitchy. almost unplayable. this game needed some fixing before being released. the fact they havent fixed this yet tells me this game is dead.

update: game is either completely broken or wasnt finished past 2-3 minutes of gameplay. im deleting this.


1) You didn't list any of the glitches.

2) The current release is a Mini-Demo which showcases the introduction of the game.  The game is meant to close after the title card in this demo.


Really love that you added the game crash when you type Gaster. Still, you really need to get this done. Ill be so exited to try! 

Wow. Just... Wow. I only got to see a little bit, but I was floored. And it's on mobile?! I will DEFINITELY be waiting for a full demo, then a full game (as long as it's free). Keep working, and I'll be waiting!

IT WAS AMAZinggggG it's like i was playing real undertale :p

#easter eg

Why so short?

I tryed 15 time

It's a Mini-Demo.  It's proof that the game exists.

Alright thanks for the info