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Feeling the feeling of falling when you already fell.  Moving deeper down into the ground when you stopped moving a while ago.  A feeling returning that was emptied after control was taken.  Was it the actions of you or the actions of them that got you here?

Perhaps it was the actions of both.

Perhaps it was because you allowed them to plunge your former SOUL into sin.

Will you show LUCIFER your worthiness of redemption?  Will you demonstrate a fury beyond HELL?  Or will you just give up and allow them to do whatever they wanted to do with your body and SOUL, just like before?

Your decisions will determine the fate of you and your SOUL.


DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/zzhzVvM

DISCLAIMER:  This game is based on a specific ending of UNDERTALE.  It's highly recommended that you either play the game or look into the story before playing this game.  Otherwise, you will be very confused.


ATONEMENT Mini-Demo (Windows) 29 MB
ATONEMENT Mini-Demo (Windows 64-Bit) 31 MB
ATONEMENT Mini-Demo (MacOS) 34 MB
ATONEMENT Mini-Demo (Android) 40 MB

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#easter eg

Why so short?

I tryed 15 time

It's a Mini-Demo.  It's proof that the game exists.

Alright thanks for the info